The faster, simpler,
more secure way to pay.

There’s a problem with payments:
They don’t work for merchants.

Online or in person, it’s expensive,
complicated, and slow to get paid.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.

A £10 billion market

The UK payments market is worth over £10 billion. The big players have poured money in, but have little to show. Solving the payments problem is a huge opportunity.

Problem. Solved.

The Bridge app uses the Faster Payments platform. It makes bank to bank transfers simple, instant, and secure – in every situation.

One product to rule them all

Online or offline. A one-off payment, or a regular invoice. However people want to pay, paying with Bridge is effortless.

Cash flow to be proud of

Payments are instant with Bridge. The customer pays, and the money lands in the merchant’s account. No delay. No waiting around. Exactly as it should be.

Security in-built, from scratch

We started with the highest possible level of security from day one. We never hold money. We never transfer details.

See Bridge in action