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Peace of mind is priceless

Why take the risk?

We developed Bridge with experts and industry leaders to ensure our security is world class. Our next generation security software ensures buyers and sellers never transfer sensitive financial information when making a payment.

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For Businesses

Bridge has been designed with merchants in mind. We provide a cost effective, flexible platform that provides total control over payments.

For Banks

We’ve partnered with banks to offer mobile payments to their customers. Our bespoke payment applications provide convenience and security for our clients and their customers.

For Everyone

We believe everyone should have the right to buy and sell with no extra costs. We’re developing infrastructure that will open up lightening fast payments to everyone.

We'll let you get back to business

Bridge has been designed to provide merchants with total freedom. The system lets businesses sell online and in store with a cost effective, simple payment method.

Bridge provides payments:

  • bridge online
  • bridge mobile
  • bridge in store


  • bridge management
  • bridge offline
  • bridge vouchers and loyalty cards
Constantly innovating

Regulation means banks must open up their systems to new technologies to provide competition and better services. But integration, security and management will cost banks a great deal of time and money.


We remove this problem by licensing our API to banks allowing their partners to build applications safely using our secure transaction method as their foundation.

We’re working with a number of banks and other businesses to integrate Bridge in order to provide security and flexibility for both them and their customers.

To date we’ve raised nearly £2 million in seed funding and have built a team of experts in payments, finance and digital innovation.

We’ll be launching a series A funding round later this year to expand our team and launch Bridge in the UK.

This is what we do

For more information about our upcoming series A round please contact us:


We’re always interested in hearing from potential partners, press and future colleagues.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!