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A new state of pay.

Bridge allows anyone to make and receive payments with ease.

Bridge has been designed to provide merchants with payment options at the lowest possible cost.

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Bridge payments can be made:



On Mobile

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With additional business services:





Vouchers & Loyalty

A new state of Pay

Bridge is in its final testing stages

The following video shows some of Bridge's capabilities with real transactions and accounts.

World Class Security

Bridge's patented security system was developed in partnership with cyber
security experts to ensure users are given the highest levels
of protection possible.

Buyers and sellers never transfer sensitive financial information.

Merchants never hold any financial details when using Bridge which removes liability and risk for all.


Faster Payments.

Integration with the UK's Faster Payments System allows Bridge to offer bank-to-bank transfers directly. These transfers incur no transaction fees ensuring Bridge merchants significantly reduce their costs.

Commercial Opportunities.

White Label Services

Offering bespoke products for both banks and major retailers to provide mobile payments, taking advantage of Faster Payments integration to significantly reduce costs.

Distribution Partnerships

Offering mobile payments to the customers of retailers and businesses, integrated seamlessly into existing systems.

Cloud Based API Licenses

Allowing access to the most advanced payment options in line with regulatory changes of the EU driven PSD-2 (enforced January 2018).

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